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We continue to listen to our customers and enhance these services. Most enhancements are made available to our clients at no additional cost.


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WineWeb continually enhances the feature set to benefit its clients. Here's some of the latest enhancements. Be sure to check out our previous enhancements or our enhancement list for the full list.

Guest management functions integrated into tablet apps

Our services now provide complete customer lifecycle management. A likely scenario:

  • A person schedules an appointment for a tasting through your website.
  • When the person arrives, you retrieve the appointment reservation and hand him/her a tablet customized to the guest information known thus far.
  • The visitor adds additional information about themselves, including custom data fields from your CRM.
  • As the visitor is tasting your wine, they make notes and rate the wines on the tablet.
  • They start an order and may sign up for your wine club on the tablet, or another staff member may assist with starting orders using the POS Order Taker on their tablet or smartphone to alleviate a bottleneck at the POS stations.
  • They hand the staff member a credit card to finalize their order in the POS.
  • The customer leaves happy with their purchase, and you have captured good information about the customer and his/her preferences.
  • The customer information is used to target future email campaigns and promotions.
  • The customer becomes more involved with your brand and moves up your loyalty program structure.

A single technology platform to integrate among all customer touch points, using a variety of devices to capture and process the customer's information.

Inline editing for winery websites

We think our winery-specific enterprise content management system is intuitive and easy-to-use (and most of you confirm this), however we weren't satisfied with our clients having to remember where to go in the content management system to make a change to a web page. All of our winery clients that use our website services can now display their website, navigate to the page needing revision, and make the revision directly on the web page using our easy-to-use content editing tools.

Technology should be about making your life easier, so our system determines which page and content element you've changed and then updates the content management system appropriately. Security and detailed logging of the revisions are included.

Some other website hosting services offer the ability to edit the web pages directly, but this is typically for static HTML web pages. Since 1995, when we launched our winery e-commerce service, we understood that creating static HTML pages was archaic. Our information technology training and careers enabled us to build a technology platform that separates design from content and from the business logic. Our inline editing feature continues to build upon that platform, while making it more efficient for our winery clients.

Loyalty programs

You can setup programs to reward your loyal customers based on their purchases or longevity in a club. You can define a loyalty-only club or you can define loyalty parameters for a wine club. These functions are available to clients using the Enhanced Website plan or the Premier Bundle.

Loyalty-only clubs are similar to wine clubs, but they do not receive scheduled shipments. The registration for a loyalty-only club is easier, as it collects name and address information, and does not request a separate billing address or credit card information.

In developing the loyalty program functions, we looked at programs from airlines, office supply stores, grocery stores and department stores, as well as ideas from our clients, and integrated a robust set of features appropriate to wineries. It's flexible so you can use as few or as many functions as needed. Some wineries may just want to automate the increase in a discount percentage when a member has been in a club for two years. Other wineries may want to setup Silver, Gold and Platinum levels based on number of points earned, with downgrade options if a member doesn't meet ongoing activity to remain at a level. Wineries may also want to supplement their long-term reward levels with shorter term promotions. Once a loyalty program has been established, the system tracks all activity and automatically moves the members to the appropriate reward levels. The members and wineries can view the loyalty activity by logging into the member account.

Mobile-friendly email campaigns

As statistics show that about half or all emails are read on mobile devices, we've made the emails broadcast from our email campaign tool more responsive to adjust to the screen size of tablets and smartphones. If you're using an email message based on one of our templates, then we've made responsive design adjustments directly in those messages. We've also revised the broadcast program to include some global styling that adjust the message width and tweak the message to display better in Yahoo Mail, Gmail and the newer versions of Outlook.

Want to see more? View our previous enhancements.

Customer Quotes

"The affordable pricing is attractive to family-owned wineries. Continuous enhancements are like gifts each month."

- Veronica Barclay
Barclay & Browning Wines
St Helena, CA

"Ron Kreutzer/WineWeb has never let SixHeroes.com down, from startup to the present day. They exceeded all expectations."

- George Bacon, CEO
Friar’s Choice