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The following is a list of the questions we hear most often.

How long does it take to convert my existing website to your service?
It typically takes 1 1/2 to 2 weeks to setup our services and for you to review the setup. The process can be extended by delays in the winery's return of our checklists and the review cycle.

You're not located in the California wine country. Won't that be a disadvantage?
We are located in Santa Fe, NM, and we don't believe that location should be an issue in choosing a service provider. True, if we were located in Napa, and your winery were nearby, we might be able to see you more. Given the level of communication technology available today (email, phone, Internet), and the fact that no software or equipment is physically installed at your winery, location is irrelevant. In fact, we could argue that we have access to a better pool of people talent than a company that requires their employees to sit in an office in wine country.

We subscribe to the "global virtual office" concept where our people are located where they live. We understand that business model as Ron has lived it for over nine years with a global IT firm.

We want to redesign our website. Can you help with that?
As part of our standard website setup activities, we use your existing site as a base, along with your and our ideas for improvements. If you are wanting a redesign of your website, we typically get a professional web designer involved. We can use one of our designers, or we can work with your designer.

Does the shopping cart stay on our website or go to your site?
We can either host the secure shopping cart pages from your domain name or ours. Technically the same program running on the same server displays the page, and it looks the same, the difference is the URL that appears in the browser's address bar. Check out our white paper on Domain Name Considerations for your eCommerce Service for more details.

How do you stack up compared to your competition?
We have several competitors in this market space. We believe that competition is healthy and ultimately provides you with better choices. Some of our competitors have larger advertising budgets, so you may have heard more about them. As with evaluating any product or service, you need to get below any marketing hype and evaluate the features against your business requirements.

WineWeb is a self-funded company, started in 1995, and is currently debt-free and operating at a positive cash flow. Our founder is a CPA (currently inactive) and understands that is a sustainable business model.

We invite you to check out the competition. We believe that once you compare the features and value, you'll be back. We regularly compete with eWinerySolutions and Inertia Beverage in the winery websites and e-commerce space. If you are looking for just a shopping cart solution, add Cultivate Systems and Nexternal to the mix.

Where will my website physically reside?
Our servers are currently located in a professionally managed data center in the Dallas area. Our servers are connected to several major Internet communication backbones, so response time is likely faster than to a server located in another vendor's office in the next town. Our founder has experience reviewing over 70 data centers from some of the largest companies in this country, and Ron understands the importance of security, redundancy and controls. More details are available in the Data Center Infrastructure section of the Hosting Details page.

Can I review the contract agreement before I register?
Of course. Our registration process is online, and as part of that process you acknowledge your acceptance of our winery agreement. Incorporated into that agreement is our overall site terms and conditions and our privacy policy. Please click on these links to review.

In addition, if you want a piece of paper that we both sign, please print our winery agreement in pdf format, sign and fax it to us at 888-236-1439. We'll sign it and fax it back.

What are your support hours?
We don't publish standard support hours. As our customers can attest, we're there when you need us. We answer emails quickly, during normal business hours and after hours and on weekends. All our company extensions transfer to our cell phones, and we answer our phones at any time, if at all possible.

Customer Quotes

"We looked at the competition and the price and performance of their system was a "no brainer" decision! Ron and the WineWeb team converted our old site in days and were always there as we upgraded to ecommerce."

- Walt Brooks
Amethyst Wines / Campion Wines
Napa, CA

"Before we launched on WineWeb, our site had no online order system and to make changes we had to rely on the sole family member who knows Web programming. Now any of us can update the site at any time from anywhere, and we are fully e-commerce capable, giving our customers a simple and efficient means to place orders. In the first 12 months we've seen a return on investment of more than 500%."

- Chris Thorpe and Edwin Richards
Adastra Wines
Carneros, Napa Valley, CA