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Warning: Winery Technology Set to Evolve
Even Faster – How You Can Take Advantage of It.

Leveraging technology in your winery can make your sales operations
more efficient and give you a competitive advantage.

  • Are you staying late at the winery, staring at the stacks of last year's inventory and smelling this year's juice in the tanks, while waiting on an export file to download?
  • Does your technology make your business HARDER to manage?
  • Losing sleep trying to keep up with your winery's technology?
  • Does each new solution require more effort to integrate with your existing technology?
  • Would you like to better use mobile technology, QR Codes, social media, but don't have the time to figure it all out?

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WineWeb makes it easy to have an integrated website,
e-commerce, point-of-sale, wine club, email campaign and customer relationship management software system for your winery, that keeps up with new technology.


  • Convert online visitors into your customers with an effective website.
  • Revise your online content anytime with an easy-to-use enterprise content management system.
  • Accept consumer and trade orders online, in full compliance with all wine shipping laws.
  • Use mobile technology in your tasting room to capture guest information, and leverage that data for marketing and customer loyalty programs.
  • Integrate online sales into your winery operations. We're integrated with shipping carriers, fulfillment centers, compliance, payment and accounting services.
  • Save staff time with advanced website management tools.
  • Analyze your online sales to understand your customers.

Hello, I'm Ron Kreutzer, President and Founder of WineWeb. I'll provide some insight into the benefits that over 300 wineries from across the U.S. (and a few other countries) are happily experiencing today.

WineWeb began offering an e-commerce software service to wineries in 1995, before the term "e-commerce" existed. In fact, we were one of the first companies on the Internet that integrated a database into a website.

You'll find that our winery software services are cost-effective, allowing you to derive value from the direct wine sales channel. We provide small winery value with a large winery feature set.

  • Winery websites with integrated winery-specific content management system. This is so much more than static web pages created by your brother-in-law.
  • Winery e-Commerce services to accept and process your customer orders online.
  • Winery Point-of-Sale system for winery tasting rooms. Portable, multi-location. Use on any device with a browser..
  • Email campaign services to easily create, target, send and manage broadcast emails to your subscriber lists.
  • Wine club software system to manage members and process club shipments.
  • Customer Relationship Management tools to manage your existing customers as well as your sales pipeline.
  • e-Marketplace promotion services to gain exposure for your wines.

Over the past 19 years we built this business to include additional winery services. We've created over 2,500 computer programs and made them easy to use in your business. We've integrated to many other systems so you can focus on business.

I'm not solely an Internet technology person. I've spent my entire career in technology, utilizing all major computer architectures in the past 30 years. Along the way I've been a programmer, analyst, CPA and management consultant. I understand how to leverage technology into a business, whether it be a Fortune 500 company or a start-up winery.

Watch video of founder Ron Kreutzer
as he introduces WineWeb and describes the business model.

We're a small business, like many of our winery clients. We add specialized staff as we grow to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, because, at the end of each day, the only thing that really matters is happy clients.

WineWeb's services have grown
and continue to evolve.

We use the six grapes in our logo to denote the major services we offer. We've built out the cluster, now we're focused on ripening the grapes. We've deployed over 130 enhancements to our services in each of the past four years. We listen to our clients, as many enhancements are suggested by them to improve their business.

WineWeb is all about accountability, integration and efficiency. WineWeb allows you to maintain your winery data in a single location so that your staff can update an item once and see it automatically displayed across all your platforms.


  • You can update a vintage of a wine, and that information is automatically synchronized across your website, e-commerce, POS and mobile website.
  • When a customer walks into your tasting room, your tasting room staff have the complete history of that customer at their fingertips, including all online, club, onsite purchases and all communications.

So what's new?

Guest management functions integrate the entire lifecycle of a customer across all our integrated services. Someone signs up for a tasting appointment on your website. They arrive and you hand them a tablet device to gather information during the tasting. They purchase some wine and join your club. You then send targeted emails to increase their loyalty to your brand. You have a customer that you understand and who can interact with you online or in person.

QR Code Integration. QR Codes are trendy. They're even better if you have the tools to create them, have them easily link to your mobile website, manage multiple marketing campaigns for the same product or event, and manage the QR Code over its lifetime.

Wine Flavor Profiles. If a consumer knows the tastes they like in a wine, they can find your wines that have similar taste characteristics. We've built wine flavor profiles into our portal site at to drive traffic & customers to your website and shopping cart.

Tablet apps, mobile websites and Facebook e-commerce leverage your content to new platforms. Market and sell where your visitors are and on tools they use everyday.
Oh, did we mention that our Internet-based POS is mobile and can store transactions if your Internet connection goes down? You get the idea – you'll never outgrow WineWeb.

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If you are a wine retailer or online wine merchant, we offer a similar set of services, tailored to your needs. More details for wine merchants

We regularly publish white papers and articles on technology topics of interest to wineries. Recent topics include direct-to-trade sales, e-commerce domain name considerations, and the hosted services model.

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The WineWeb ® is also an e-Marketplace for wine. Visitors can find and buy wine online from participating wineries and wine retailers. We maintain a directory of over 40,000 wineries and over 250,000 wines available for sale. Our website averages about 2 million page views each month. Using our services allows you to participate in this marketplace.

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Customer Quotes

"We looked at the competition and the price and performance of their system was a "no brainer" decision! Ron and the WineWeb team converted our old site in days and were always there as we upgraded to ecommerce."

- Walt Brooks
Amethyst Wines / Campion Wines
Napa, CA

"Before we launched on WineWeb, our site had no online order system and to make changes we had to rely on the sole family member who knows Web programming. Now any of us can update the site at any time from anywhere, and we are fully e-commerce capable, giving our customers a simple and efficient means to place orders. In the first 12 months we've seen a return on investment of more than 500%."

- Chris Thorpe and Edwin Richards
Adastra Wines
Carneros, Napa Valley, CA

"The affordable pricing is attractive to family-owned wineries. Continuous enhancements are like gifts each month."

- Veronica Barclay
Barclay & Browning Wines
St Helena, CA