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You can build a great website, but if few people see it, the value of that effort is diminished.

We provide tools to help get your website noticed by more people. These tools can be used as part of your overall marketing of your direct sales channel. Additional, simple things you can do to promote your website is to include your website address on your labels, corks, your email signature and all other marketing materials. Marketplace Promotion Tools

Each day we get thousands of visitors to who generate over 1 million page views each month. Make sure your winery is represented fully so our visitors can find and buy your wines.

  • List your Winery in our winery directory (free service)
  • Include your Wines in our search engine's results pages,
    plus QR Codes and mobile wine pages.
  • Hot Buys of the Week Place a wine on our weekly sale and have it displayed on our home page and at the top of wine search pages for matching wine region.
  • List your Wine Club on our home page and our Wine Club Search page.
  • Banner Advertisements Featured on our search engine's results pages.

Search Engine Optimization

If you use our website and hosting services, your website pages are built with search engine indexing in mind. The web page structure, the title and meta tags, and the placement of navigation links are some of the ways we optimize the pages for search engines.

We also create a Google Sitemap of your website pages, which tells Google exactly the pages we want to have indexed.



Customer Quotes

"Before we launched on WineWeb, our site had no online order system and to make changes we had to rely on the sole family member who knows Web programming. Now any of us can update the site at any time from anywhere, and we are fully e-commerce capable, giving our customers a simple and efficient means to place orders. In the first 12 months we've seen a return on investment of more than 500%."

- Chris Thorpe and Edwin Richards
Adastra Wines
Carneros, Napa Valley, CA

"We looked at the competition and the price and performance of their system was a "no brainer" decision! Ron and the WineWeb team converted our old site in days and were always there as we upgraded to ecommerce."

- Walt Brooks
Amethyst Wines / Campion Wines
Napa, CA