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We pride ourselves on providing cost-effective solutions to wine merchants.

For $60 a month, you gain control of your website and have an amazing feature set.

Compare to other options for creating an effective website, and you'll see the value of this service.


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Enhanced Website Plan

Premier Bundle

  • Setup fee of $1,900 *
  • $295 fixed rate per month (negotiated rate above $1M annual online sales)
  • Includes everything we offer:
    • Website & Hosting Plan
    • e-Commerce service, with no order processing fees
    • Email Campaign Management with up to 10,000 emails per month
    • Wine Club Membership Management & Shipment Processing
    • Additional hours for design services
  • Suitable for medium-sized merchants with online sales over $20,000 per month

* - Setup fees quoted include converting the site design and content into WineWeb's system. Additional fees may apply for an unusual amount of existing website content, or for additional design services such as a new website design or a re-design of an existing site. Half of the setup fee is billed upon registration, the remainder when you approve the setup.

Starting with the February 2012 billing cycle, all invoices include an inflation adjustment factor that multiplies the invoice amount by the effect of inflation from December 2011, using the change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI-U, US City Average, All Items). more info

ROI (Return on Investment)

Let's evaluate your Return on Investment if you use the WineWeb as your entire Web presence (Order Processing and Website Hosting), across varying sales levels. The ROI is your margin less the fee percentage.

Monthly Online Sales
Order Processing Fees
Site Hosting Fees
Fees as a Percent of Sales
$ 0
$ 1,000
$ 10,000
$ 20,000
$ 50,000

To see an example, view our Test Wine Merchant website. This website includes most of the functions of our Enhanced Website service.

Comparison of Hosting Costs

We sometimes are asked "Why should I pay $60/month for website hosting when I found a hosting company for $10/month?"

Our response: That's not a valid comparison as website hosting is only one part of our service. Yes, you can get space on a web server for $10/month (or less). You might even get some email accounts and a generic content management system.

But what about:

  • A wine merchant-specific content management system
  • Extra functionality specific to wine merchants
  • Software maintenance and continual enhancements
  • Technical services to revise content
  • Technical services to maintain servers and software
  • Staff time to keep current on regulatory changes
  • Staff time in dealing with service provider(s) to troubleshoot issues
  • Maintainence of backups for data & software
  • Fanatical customer service from people who understand wine & technology

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Customer Quotes

"The affordable pricing is attractive to family-owned wineries. Continuous enhancements are like gifts each month."

- Veronica Barclay
Barclay & Browning Wines
St Helena, CA

"We looked at the competition and the price and performance of their system was a "no brainer" decision! Ron and the WineWeb team converted our old site in days and were always there as we upgraded to ecommerce."

- Walt Brooks
Amethyst Wines / Campion Wines
Napa, CA