Wine Club Management Services

Self-Service Member Updates

Your wine club members can login to your website and update their membership information themselves, saving you time and money.

Ask your staff person in charge of your club if just this one feature is worth $30 per month.


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WineWeb can support the registration, management and processing of your wine clubs. Our wine club services consist of two components:

  1. Wine Club Registration & Member Management
  2. Wine Club Shipment Processing

Wine Club Registration & Member Management

  • Wine Club Setup -- define one or more wine clubs and all the parameters for pricing, frequency and shipping.
  • Wine Club Registration -- allow visitors to sign-up for a wine club, including gift and prepaid subscriptions. The registrations are stored on our servers so the member can login when placing an order to receive their discount and have their name/address pre-populated.
  • Member Management -- you can access and update all the information on your club members, including those existing members you may have imported into our service.
  • Self-Service Member Management -- allow members to login to their account on your website and update their information, as well as modifying quantities in the upcoming shipment.

This component is included at no cost with our website hosting plans. For our e-commerce only clients, you can add this functionality to your account for $15/month + $150 setup.

Wine Club Shipment Processing

Our wine club processing add-on component is available to our clients on our website hosting plans, and to our e-commerce only clients subscribing to the above service. This component allows you to:

  • Setup club shipments, defining the pricing and items to ship.
  • Run pre-checks on credit cards and alert members to issues.
  • Batch process credit card payments for the club shipment, and process straggler member payments.
  • Batch process shipments including printing shipping labels or routing shipments to a fulfillment center.
  • Batch print packing lists and invoices.

This component is available for $30 per month, if using a website plan. There are no transaction fees incurred when you process a club shipment. As an alternative fee structure, suitable if you have less than $18,000 in annual wine club sales, you can choose a $0 per month option with a 2% transaction fee.

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