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List Your Product Catalog so our visitors can find and buy your wine

We provide our visitors the ability to search for wine among the product catalogs of participating wine merchants/retailers. We match your products to a visitor's request for a specific type of wine from a specific region or a visitor's request for wines from a specific winery. When a visitor clicks on one of your product links, we transfer them to your Web site for more details and to order the wine.

You provide us with a data file listing the products in your catalog, or you tell us where the file exists on your Web site. You can upload a new catalog file as often as necessary, or you can tell us the schedule to retrieve the data from your Web site. If you don't have a data file of your product catalog, we can crawl your site to capture your product information.

Our product listing pages provide a lot of information to our visitors. In addition to the product name, winery, vintage, and varietal, they can see the product description, view the wine label, view a promotional description of your company, and see the shipping costs to their destination.

With over 39,000 wineries in our database, visitors realize that we are the largest online directory of worldwide wineries. Listing your product catalog on The WineWeb makes it easy to turn our visitors into your customers.

Benefits & Features

  • Transfer your product catalog to us as often as needed, or tell us when to retrieve it from your Web site.
  • As a safety net against click fraud, we don't charge for multiple clicks from the same visitor within the entire month.
  • If you get many clicks to your wine pages, we cap the maximum monthly fees.
  • Your wines are also displayed in our Wine Gift Selector pages.


We realize that wine merchants want a cost-effective pricing model that includes a fixed maximum monthly price. Our pricing model combines per-click pricing with a fixed maximum monthly charge for unlimited clicks. The WineWeb's sophisticated technology further protects you by ignoring multiple clicks by the same visitor in a month.

Here's how it works.

  • For each click from our site to your product detail page, you are charged 15 cents. If that same visitor (based on their IP address) clicks on another of your wines, or comes back later in the month, we don't charge you anything for those clicks.
  • If you reach $200 in click fees in a month, we stop charging. Visitors can still click through to your product detail pages, but you only pay the maximum monthly fee of $200 (15 cents x 1333 clicks).
  • If you are a small merchant with less than 200 products in your catalog, your monthly maximum fee is $50.
  • If you subscribe to our Order Processing service, the per click fees are reduced to 10 cents.

Considering that an Overture or Google AdWords click on the generic term "wine" could cost over $1.00, and they count all clicks from the same visitor and stop your clicks when your budget is reached, we believe you'll see our value. A link on The WineWeb is much more targeted and will more likely result in sales than someone just browsing for wine through your site.

Get Started

You can register for this service and have your product catalog online within an hour by logging into your account and clicking the "User Profile" button in the navigation bar. You'll then select the "Wine Listing" service. Your wines will immediately begin appearing in our Wine Search results pages.

Questions? Email Us or call 844-WINEWEB.

Merchant Requirements

Some competing Web sites require you to host your business on their site and charge you a lot of money for doing so, or they list duplicate "phantom" wines that aren't physically available from a merchant, or that can be delivered to a customer's location. Then they charge the consumer a fee to view your wines. Since 1995 The WineWeb has been an efficient, value-based site that is free to consumers. We don't intend to change that.

To ensure that our visitors' experience is consistent and productive, the following requirements are placed upon merchants subscribing to this service:

  • You must have physical control over the majority of wines in your online catalog. Wines readily available from a merchant's distributors are allowed. We do not allow merchants whose catalogs are primarily sourced from other merchants (referrer merchants).
  • You must specify the destinations where you can ship and should specify the shipping costs to each destination.
  • You must supply a product catalog file in CSV, Tab-delimited, Pipe delimited, XML, or MS Access format. The file can be manually uploaded as often as necessary, or it can be stored on your Web server and we will retrieve it on a schedule you specify. If you don't have a catalog data file, we can crawl or spider your Web site to capture your product information.
  • You must regularly provide an updated product catalog file to keep your product listing current.

We also require that our visitors be able to easily purchase your wines online. You can subscribe to our Order Processing service, where we take orders for your wines online, or if the following requirements are met, we will transfer directly to the product detail page on your Web site.

  • Your Web site must allow for an individual product to be displayed using a unique URL (Web page link).
  • That Web page must have a "buy" or "add to shopping cart" button that is integrated into an online purchasing system.
  • The shopping cart and checkout process must be efficient and employ straightforward navigation to make the user experience consistent with The WineWeb.

A note on clicks: We only count clicks from unique IP addresses in a month. The IP address is a visitor computer's Internet address. So if a visitor clicks on five of your wines in a month, it only counts as one click. This also reduces your risk of unscrupulous visitors clicking on your links in an effort to increase your cost. We also attempt to remove all activity from search engine spiders from the counts.

Note that for visitors using dial-up Internet accounts, several different users could use the same IP address over the course of a month (understating the true total), but conversely the same visitor could access your wines using several IP addresses in a month (overstating the true total). Since we don't require our visitors to register for this service, we believe that the IP address represents an accurate count of the unique visitors


Customer Quotes

"Ron Kreutzer/WineWeb has never let down, from startup to the present day. They exceeded all expectations."

- George Bacon, CEO
Friar’s Choice

"WineWeb customer support is excellent. When I've had questions or requested changes to my site, they get right on it."

- Stewart Johnson
Kendric Vineyards
San Anselmo, CA