Wine Merchant e-Commerce Service


We provide tools to help increase your conversion rate of visitors into customers.

Our Executive Dashboard allows you to compare traffic to sales.

Our Abandoned Shopping Cart tool lets you analyze abandon rates at each step of the order process.

You can automatically send emails to potential customers who abandon their cart and invite them back to their order.


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The WineWeb provides an eCommerce service customized to the needs of wine merchants. It is a feature-packed service.

We have custom-built a robust shopping cart system to match the needs of the wine industry. Once a visitor adds a wine to their shopping cart, we propose additional products to add to their cart and allow them to continue searching your product catalog. Once the customer begins the checkout process, we calculate the shipping cost and tax to their destination, based on your shipping carrier rate schedule plus handling surcharges.

You can choose to process the credit card yourself after receiving the order, or we can process it online (to your merchant account) through your choice of payment processors. We then send (email or fax) you the order for fulfillment or route the order to your fulfillment center partner. You can login and print customer invoices, packing lists and carrier shipping labels. You can retrieve order transaction data using our Executive Dashboard, our Reporting Module, or export it to your accounting system or compliance service.

Shopping Cart for Wine Merchants. Sell wine, merchandise items and online gift certificates.

  • The cart has many wine-specific features, including deliverability checks, compliance verification, allocated products, club member discounts and age verification.
  • We use the latest in encryption security certificates to provide additional comfort for customers entering personal information.
  • We also subscribe to the "Hacker Free" security program, which scans our servers daily looking for vulnerabilities.
  • Our service is compliant with the PCI standards for the transmission and storage of credit card data.
  • Our hosted service can be used under your domain name or ours.

Credit Card Processing. We can process online credit card transactions directly to your merchant account using your choice of payment gateways.

Order Fulfillment Tools. You can quickly process your orders. Print packing lists, invoices and shipping labels. We can optionally route your orders to your choice of fulfillment centers based on shipping destination.

Shipping Carriers. We support DHL, FedEx and UPS. We calculate shipping costs based on your rate schedule and can include multiple levels of surcharges. Carrier shipping labels can be printed directly from within our application. We provide a lot of flexibility to specify fixed or calculated shipping costs across multiple carriers, fulfillment centers, packaging sizes and service levels.

Compliance Rules Built-in. We help ensure that orders are in compliance with all shipping laws. We check for: deliverability (dry areas, undeliverable areas, post office boxes); volume limits at the order, individual, household and merchant level; and sales tax at the municipality level.

Analyze Sales and Shopping Cart Effectiveness. View sales and traffic statistics on our Executive Dashboard and create custom reports. Analyze abandoned shopping carts to develop effective promotions. Automatically send emails to customers who abandon their shopping carts and invite them back to complete the order.

Discounts and Promotions. You can create a variety of promotions to provide incentives to potential customers. Discounts can be specified for full cases, mixed cases, wine club members, and shipping costs. Effective dated promotion codes can be established for wine and merchandise items.

Inventory Control. You can control the inventory available for online orders for some or all of your products. Multiple warehouse capable. Automatic update to "sold out" status. You can update inventory levels and maximum order quantities from a single page, or another computer application can call our web services.

Integration. Integrate online sales with other systems, including QuickBooks. Our data export routines allow you to create custom saved export formats. We integrate with wine compliance reporting services to quickly produce state reports.

Consolidated Customer Repository. Combine customer data for compliance verification and customer tracking, including the ability to import customer data from other systems. Analyze customer history across sales channels.

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Customer Quotes

"You reinforce our decision each and every day with your support and enhancements. After 30 plus years in hi-tech, this is the best software decision I have ever made."

- Jacque Wilson
Pilot Peak Winery

"Before we launched on WineWeb, our site had no online order system and to make changes we had to rely on the sole family member who knows Web programming. Now any of us can update the site at any time from anywhere, and we are fully e-commerce capable, giving our customers a simple and efficient means to place orders. In the first 12 months we've seen a return on investment of more than 500%."

- Chris Thorpe and Edwin Richards
Adastra Wines
Carneros, Napa Valley, CA