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Our typical implementation plan is 10 days. We can go faster or slower based on your requirements.

Setup is primarily performed by our staff, with your responsibility being completion of checklists and review of the website.


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Our Email Campaign Management service is an add-on component to our website hosting service. The Email Campaign Management component allows you to manage your mailing list, create professional-looking emails, broadcast the messages to your mailing lists, and manage the bounced emails.

There are four plans available:

  1. A free version included in the Enhanced Website Hosting service that allows you to send up to 2,000 broadcast emails, with a single subscription list.
  2. A $15/month version that allows you to send an additional 2,000 broadcast emails, with up to two subscription lists.
  3. A $30/month version that allows you to send an additional 5,000 broadcast emails, with unlimited subscription lists.
  4. A $50/month version that allows you to send an additional 10,000 broadcast emails, with unlimited subscription lists. This version is included in the Premier Bundle package.
  • Send up to 12,000 broadcast emails a month (need more? contact us for pricing)
    • Emails are sent from an account on your domain name, so the message is more likely to be received and opened by your recipients
    • You can send to subsets of your subscription lists for very targeted messages
  • Capture visitor email addresses on your home page.
    • Select additional demographic information to capture from visitors
    • Allow the visitor to subscribe to one or more email subscription lists
    • Single or double opt-in option for each email subscription list
  • Easily create HTML email campaigns including graphics and colors
    • Select from optimized templates or create your own
    • Format your message using a word processor type interface
    • Create both HTML and text messages for each campaign
    • Send a test email to yourself before broadcasting to your list
  • Send emails to an entire subscription list or define a subset of the list
  • Easily manage email campaigns
    • Automatically process bounced emails - no wading through bounced messages in your inbox
    • Setup filters to ignore out-of-office and vacation bounces
    • Separate hard bounces (unknown user) from soft bounces (over mailbox quota) and apply difference deletion rules to each
    • Track opens and click-through statistics to the individual recipient level
  • The broadcast limits are calculated on a rolling 3 month basis, which gives you more flexibility in sending more emails on a less frequent basis. For example, the 2,000 per month plan provides 6,000 emails per quarter.
  • Assistance with this service is provided by:
    • A Quick Start Guide
    • Setup of a template with your graphics and color theme
    • A detailed online help system
    • Training videos
    • Phone and email support.

Our company policy, and our hosting company's policy, is to only allow broadcast emails to opt-in subscription lists. Any use of this tool for sending spam email is cause for termination of your services.