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myWineWebmaster provides services to assist you in leveraging all the tools provided by WineWeb.

We're your on-call webmaster and consultant.


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myWineWebmaster is a service provided by to assist wineries and wine merchants with technical, computer-related, or consulting tasks. provides a suite of software tools for websites, e-commerce, point-of-sale, wine clubs, email campaign management and customer relationship management. We provide software tool support for these tools. provides additional services to assist wineries and wine merchants in effectively leveraging these tools to support their organization's goals and strategies. We are your webmaster and consultant. These services are available to our clients and to any other winery or wine merchant.

Services Provided & Cost

We provide technical, computer-related services to wineries and wine merchants to support their direct sales channel, including website updates, email campaigns and design services.

We have divided our standard services into three levels, with a standard pricing for each.

Level 1 - $60 per hour:

  • Website content changes for clients using WineWeb services, such as adding new vintages, updating shipping rates, updating other website content, placing additional images on pages, adding new pages.

Level 2 - $75 per hour:

  • Creating and sending email blasts
  • Importing/exporting data
  • Image resizing
  • Navigation menu structure changes
  • Assistance with processing wine club shipments
  • Additional staff training
  • Website content changes for wineries not using WineWeb services

Level 3 - $95 per hour:

  • Graphic design
  • Flash movie creation and updates
  • Video format conversion and manipulation
  • Consulting on promotions, marketing and products

Additional services, such as video production, consulting on state licensing, business strategy consulting, and custom programming are offered on a per-project quote. These services are performed by a member of the WineWeb team or by a third-party contractor who is affiliated with WineWeb through the WineWeb Ambassador program. All work is reviewed prior to completion of the request.

Requesting myWineWebmaster Services

To request these services, send an email to describing your needs. We'll respond back with a quote.

If you are not an existing WineWeb client, you'll first need to register at, so you can place an e-check or credit card on file with us. There is no fee for this registration, if you choose not to use any of our other services. To register at, go to the winery registration page by clicking on the link. You'll first be asked to locate your Winery ID, then you'll be asked for your name, email and a password. When the page describing our services is displayed, click the "no thanks" link to only register for our free services. Then select "Billing Information" from the "Profile" menu and place an e-check or credit card on file for your account. Wine merchants have a similar registration process by starting at the wine merchant registraion page.

Additional Information

How Long Will it Take to Complete?

Once we receive a request ticket, we'll estimate the effort to complete. If you have specified a pre-approved maximum number of hours, and our estimate is within that maximum, we'll schedule the request into our work queue. If not, we'll contact you with our estimate and get your approval to proceed.

Our target completion dates are as follows:

  • 2 hours of effort or less is completed within 2 business days.
  • 4 hours of effort or less is completed within 3 business days.
  • 8 hours of effort or less is completed within 5 business days.
  • Over 8 hours, we'll contact you with an estimated completion date.

If you require expedited service, and we agree to your requested completion date, a 50% surcharge will be added to the invoice for that request.

Invoice / Billing Process

For those clients using WineWeb services, you know that we generate invoices for our services at the conclusion of each month. We email an electronic invoice to you, and provide at least one business day to review the invoice. Then we process a payment against the e-check or credit card on file for your account.

Invoices for myWineWebmaster services performed are added as line items to your monthly invoices.

Due to the timing of our payments to our team members who work on these requests, we require that you have an e-check or credit card on file to pay these invoices. Paper checks are only accepted for these services upon prior approval.


Customer Quotes

"The affordable pricing is attractive to family-owned wineries. Continuous enhancements are like gifts each month."

- Veronica Barclay
Barclay & Browning Wines
St Helena, CA

"We looked at the competition and the price and performance of their system was a "no brainer" decision! Ron and the WineWeb team converted our old site in days and were always there as we upgraded to ecommerce."

- Walt Brooks
Amethyst Wines / Campion Wines
Napa, CA