Winery Point-of-Sale (POS) on an iPad


Our POS runs on any device that has a browser: desktops, laptops, tablets, phones.

A third-party app is only needed if you want to connect a credit card reader to an iPad using the microphone jack.


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The WineWeb POS service can be used on an iPad, as well as any device with a browser, like desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

The iPad, and most tablet devices, have limitations with connecting peripheral devices like receipt printers and credit card readers. We don't think tablets make sense to use as a primary POS station and have written a position paper on using tablets with the POS.

What makes more sense to us is to use a tablet as a sales device in the tasting room, where you hand a tablet to a customer and they can rate the wines as they taste the, and can sign-up for your wine club and mailing list from the tablet device.

You can also use tablets and smartphones in a restaurant-style setting to take orders and to add items to existing orders, but leave the checkout process to the main POS stations. We have a POS Order Taker function (included in the POS service) that allows your staff to do this.

If you want to use an iPad for a POS station and accept credit cards with this device, there are three options:

  1. Type the credit card number in the POS screen. These transactions are sent to the gateway as card-present, keyed transactions, which have a slightly higher processing fee than swiped transactions, but less than card-not-present transactions.
  2. Connect a USB card reader to an iPad using a USB adapter from Apple and also attaching a Bluetooth keyboard. This is described in the position paper (see link above).
  3. Connect a credit card reader to the microphone jack or charging port of the iPad. This requires purchase of a third-party app (UniScan Web, available in the App Store), since the microphone input is not supported directly by the tablet's browser. This is the only option where you would need to purchase this app. Setup instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for this app? In early 2013, we developed a POS iPad app and we charged $250 to offset the development costs of this app. We have since replaced that app with a third party app that allows a browser-based service to connect with several models of card readers. That app (UniScan Web) is available for $24.99 in the Apple App Store. As other competitors charge up to $500 per month for their iPad apps, we think our approach is so much more cost-effective.

Do the iPad app pages look different from the POS running on other devices? The POS pages are identical to the POS pages running on other devices, as it is all the same Internet-based service. The POS senses the type of device and adjusts some styling so the pages appear better on smaller screens. The app places a "swipe card" button at the top of each page, so you don't need to leave the POS screen to swipe a card.

Can I print receipts from a mobile device? Yes. The POS software supports printing from any device to receipt and ticket printers, even if the device can't directly connect to a printer. This is accomplished by a print processor routine running in a background browser window on a regular POS station. You can also email receipts to the customers in the POS.

Does the iPad work if the Internet connection goes down? Yes, the app uses the Safari browser on the device, which has support for HTML5 local databases, and that is what powers the offline mode. Credit cards can be swiped on the POS offline mode page.

Can I connect a Square card reader to your app? No, Square is a closed system that uses only their software and payment processor. The app supports the IDTech UniMag II card reader and about ten other card readers, including some that attach to the charging port of the device.

Can I use this on an iPhone? Yes, the app is also supported on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The only requirement is iOS 5 or greater.

Will this app run on an Android device? Not yet, although we anticipate the third-party app vendor to support these devices in the future. There are also touch screen laptops, like the Asus Vivobook, and tablet devices that run Windows, where you can easily connect USB card readers and receipt printers.

Can I use the microphone jack card reader to swipe a driver's license, wine club card, gift card or loyalty card? Yes, any type of card that can be swiped in the POS can be swiped using the app. All the data parsing routines for the various card swipes are built into the POS software, so the app is merely placing the swipe data into a form field in the browser window.

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