WineWeb Winery Services Documentation

Updated on June 3, 2014


Point-of-Sale on an iPad with Connected Card Reader
Setup and Operations Guide

This document provides details on using the WineWeb POS service on an iPad tablet with a microphone jack connected credit card reader. If you don’t wish to connect a card reader to the microphone jack, then you don’t need this app, and can use the POS directly on the tablet’s browser.

** Version 2.6 and 2.7 are experiencing issues with certain versions of the Unimag II reader, where the swipe data does not appear in the form field. If you are experiencing this issue, the vendor is recommending that you use a UniMag Pro reader or a iMag / iMag Pro reader (iMag readers plug into the charging port). If you don't want to replace your card reader, a workaround is to return to our old POS iPad app -- see section below **



  1. Download and install the "UniScan Web" app from the Apple iTunes App Store. (cost is $24.99)
  2. Connect the card reader to your iPad and turn the microphone volume to the maximum.
  3. Launch the UniScan Web app.
  4. Click the OK button to connect to your card reader.
  5. Click the Settings button at the bottom of the app and set per this screen image, replacing "5000" in the URLs with your winery ID


  1. Launch the UniScan Web app.
  2. Click the OK button to connect to your card reader.
  3. Login to the POS using your password
  4. Add items to an order
  5. Place your cursor in the credit card number field
  6. Press the "Swipe card" button
  7. When the dialog box appears, swipe the card through the card reader. The swipe data appears in the form field.
  8. Touch another form field on the page (such as the CVV field). The swipe data is then parsed into the appropriate field(s).


URLs for the Settings Page


POS iPad App (Old version)

In early 2013 we developed and published an iPad app that combined a card reader app with a browser running the POS. We discontinued this app when the UniScan app was released as UniScan supports several card readers, can swipe driver’s licenses and membership cards, and works offline. If you are experiencing issues with the UniScan Web app and a UniMag II card reader, you can use this app as a workaround.

Go to the iTunes app store and search “wineweb” to download the original app. Login to the Admin Console and go to Orders: POS: POS Stations and define a station and insert "idtechapp" into the Payment Device Identifier field.

Then launch the app and login to that station ID. When you add an item to the order, next to the credit card fields, you’ll have a Swipe Card button, which launches the reader part of the app. You'll swipe the card in this portion of the app, then it will return to the POS screen. This app only works on iOS, only for the Unimag II reader, only for credit cards,and doesn’t work offline.

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