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Self-Service Member Updates

Your wine club members can login to your website and update their membership information themselves, saving you time and money.

Ask your staff person in charge of your club if just this one feature is worth $30 per month.


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Wine Club Registration & Member Management

Visitors to your website can subscribe to your wine club(s) through an online form. We'll notify you of new club member registrations and store the member's information in our system. You can then maintain the club member information in our database. Members can also login through your website to make revisions and to customize an upcoming club shipment.

When a club member places an online order, they can login so the shopping cart recognizes them, and gives them the appropriate club discount and pre-fills their name and address information. In our POS system, swiping a member's credit card (or their club membership card) recognizes them as well.

Wine Club Features

  • The clubs can be defined as mixed, red wine only, white only, or the customer can select the wine color to ship. Up to three additional custom "color" options can be defined for each club and you can choose which of the standard and custom colors to allow.
  • Shipping cost can be included in the club price, or you can specify fixed or auto-calculation shipping costs by destination.
  • Appropriate sales tax is applied based on your e-commerce settings.
  • The club price can be variable based on the wines in each shipment.
  • Prepaid pricing can be specified for 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions.
  • The delivery frequency and number of bottles can be specified in addition to images and detailed description of the wine club.
  • A separate payment gateway can be setup (if needed) for each wine club.
  • A discount percentage can be set for each club, with a separate discount for non-wine items. You can override the discount percent at a member-level.

Wine Club Registration

  • Visitors can sign-up for any of your wine clubs online. We capture and store all required shipment and payment information.
  • A member can register for multiple wine clubs.
  • Members can select their wine color preference (if provided on the club setup).
  • Gift memberships can be prepaid or a subscription basis until a specified date.
  • The wine club registration form is hosted on our secure server so sensitive data is encrypted for transmission and storage.
  • The system can validate the credit card through your payment gateway to ensure the card is valid before the registration is confirmed.
  • The system can capture the referral source on a registration, so you can track referrals and incentives.
  • When a new member registers for one of your clubs, they receive an email with instructions on accessing the online wine club member area of your website. You can customize the content and design of this email.
  • You can produce welcome letters that can be mailed to new members.

Member Management

  • Easily move a member to another club
  • Easily modify a member's status. Statuses include "skip next shipment" with an automatic reset to active status, and "suspend until" a specified date. Customer notes are created when the system resets a member's status, along with email notification to the winery.
  • Capture additional information including spouse's name and birth date, anniversary date and notes.
  • Add Customer Notes (if subscribed to CRM service) to track communication with member.
  • Specify a member as pay-by-check.
  • Specify an override discount percentage for a member, including support for complimentary memberships.

Club Member Self-Service Management

In addition to providing all the tools to manage your wine club membership, we provide access to allow the members to update their information, saving you time.

  • Members can login and update their shipping and billing information, and can renew prepaid memberships.
  • Members can customize an upcoming club shipment to specify different wines and/or quantities (based on your setup preferences).
  • If you allow members to cancel their membership online, they can select a cancellation reason.
  • Members can view invoices for past club shipments, as well as the details on e-commerce and POS orders they have made.

Loyalty Programs

If you subscribe to the Enhanced Website plan or Premier Bundle, you can add loyalty clubs or add loyalty parameters to any wine club.

  • Flexible parameters allow you to define custom loyalty programs that are either points or longevity based.
  • We looked at programs from airlines, office supply stores, grocery stores and department stores, as well as ideas from our clients, and integrated a robust set of features appropriate to wineries.
  • Use as few or as many functions as needed. Some wineries may just want to automate the increase in a discount percentage when a member has been in a club for two years. Other wineries may want to setup Silver, Gold and Platinum levels based on number of points earned, with downgrade options if a member doesn't meet ongoing activity to remain at a level.
  • Shorter term promotions can be added to the long-term reward levels.
  • Once a loyalty program has been established, the system tracks all activity and automatically moves the members to the appropriate reward levels.
  • Members and wineries can view the loyalty activity by logging into the member account.

Wine Club Shipment Processing

Our Wine Club Shipment Processing service is an add-on component that allows you to process wine club payments and shipments in a batch cycle, saving you time and effort in processing a wine club.

Pre-Shipment Processing

  • You begin the shipment process for a wine club by specifying a planned shipment date, and specifying the wines to be included in the shipment, including wines for red-only, white-only, or custom color option customers.
  • You can run a pre-processing check for expired prepaid memberships, expired credit cards, and/or credit card authorization failures. The wine club members can receive an automatic email informing them of the issue(s).

Payment Processing

  • You can run a process to charge each member's credit card for their shipment. This uses your credit card processor and the funds are deposited into your merchant account.
  • Your choice of over 25 credit card payment gateways.
  • Exceptions from the credit card processing are identified on the payment processing results page, and you can link to the member's record, fix the issue, and process that payment individually or in a batch of exception payments.
  • Understanding that there will likely be member payment exceptions that will ship after the bulk of the orders, you can rerun the batch each day to process payments for resolved card issues, or you can process the exceptions individually.
  • Customized emails can be sent to members informing them of the club payment.
  • Customized emails can be sent to members whose credit card was declined.
  • Support for pay-by-check and complimentary subscriptions
  • Support for member-level discount overrides.
  • Club orders are verified for compliance before payment processing, including checks for state volume limits, non-deliverable areas and customer history.

Shipment Processing

  • Print UPS, FedEx and/or GSO shipping labels from within the application.
  • Carrier shipping labels can be generated in a batch and the resulting data file can be printed on sheet-fed label paper, sent to a thermal printer, or emailed to a shipping company.
  • Built-in shipment tracking functions and automatic daily updates to the carrier shipping status.
  • Club orders to be shipped to a destination handled by a fulfillment center can be automatically routed to the fulfillment center's system.
  • Packing lists can be generated in a batch for all orders, just winery-pickup orders or just shipment orders. The file can be printed or emailed to a shipping company for inclusion in each box. You can enter a note to be printed on each packing list.
  • Invoices can be generated in a similar fashion. The invoices and packing lists can be customized to include logo graphics and text styling.
  • Shipping labels, packing lists and invoices can be segregated by the type of wine in the package (i.e., red-only, white-only, mixed and customized orders). This speeds the packaging process.
  • Shipping labels are automatically produced for multi-package customized orders.
  • You can specify the warehouse to use for the return address on shipping labels.
  • You can choose the inventory location from where to decrement the inventory for shipment and pick-up club orders.

Pick-up Orders

  • Members can specify if they prefer to pick-up their club order at the winery.
  • The system supports pick-up order both before and after the batch payment processing cycle.
  • If a member picks up their club order before the ship date, the POS system can mark that order as their club shipment, so the batch cycle does not process that member.
  • The system can produce a will-call list for tasting room staff to use in filling club pick-ups.
  • An online club pick-up can be accessed through the POS so that the tasting room staff can process a club pick-up.

Club Order Adjustments

  • A club order can be fully refunded and canceled after the payment is processed.
  • An extra charge or credit can be applied to a club order.
  • A custom shipping label can be generated for a member, to ship combined orders or adjustments.


  • Produce reports on your wine club members and wine club orders using multiple selection criteria.
  • Report on the inventory effect of your club shipments.
  • Report on club statistics for analysis.
  • The Wine Club Sales report has a pre-processing option to allow you to see the anticipated inventory needs for an upcoming club shipment, along with any customized orders to date.
  • Export wine club member data and wine club sales data in a user-defined format into a data file. The format can be saved for future exports.
  • Automatically keep your club membership in sync with your club mailing list.

Integration with Other Systems

  • Your wine club data is automatically integrated with all our other services.
  • Wine club payment transactions are automatically fed into your consolidated customer repository, so you can track customer history and ensure compliance with future orders.
  • Wine club payment transactions are part of our QuickBooks integration.
  • Wine club shipments can be automatically routed to any of about 30 wine fulfillment centers.
  • If you already have a system in place to batch process credit card payments, shipping labels, and/or fulfillment centers, you can export a data file in the specific format needed. This format can be saved and reused next time.

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Customer Quotes

"WineWeb customer support is excellent. When I've had questions or requested changes to my site, they get right on it."

- Stewart Johnson
Kendric Vineyards
San Anselmo, CA

"We looked at the competition and the price and performance of their system was a "no brainer" decision! Ron and the WineWeb team converted our old site in days and were always there as we upgraded to ecommerce."

- Walt Brooks
Amethyst Wines / Campion Wines
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"Ron Kreutzer/WineWeb has never let down, from startup to the present day. They exceeded all expectations."

- George Bacon, CEO
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